You can now stream files from the Android OneDrive app

While Microsoft is working on some major improvements to OneDrive, this little update is sure to please Chromecast owners.

Cast on OneDrive

Chromecast is a handy tool for casting media on a big screen, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on Microsoft’s Android OneDrive app … at least, not yet. A new app update brings Chromecast compatibility tools that let you stream media directly from your OneDrive folders.

What happens to Microsoft’s OneDrive Android app?

Android Police first spotted the new Chromecast feature on OneDrive’s main branch. It took a bit of uninstallation and reinstallation for the option to show up, but it eventually made its mark.

After updating on your phone, you will be able to stream media from the file list or while watching a specific file. However, OneDrive currently can’t stream files that it can’t read or open in the app.

This is an interesting move from Microsoft, because it’s easy to assume that people who own a Chromecast are using Google Drive as their primary medium for storing media content. This way, they can stream files and media from the comfort of the Google ecosystem.

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However, the update is always welcome for those who prefer what Microsoft has to offer or who use OneDrive over Google Drive for reasons of their own. Not only that, but this update goes hand in hand with recent work by Microsoft to make OneDrive a major competitor in the cloud storage market.

For example, Microsoft recently confirmed that it runs on a 64-bit version of OneDrive. This, combined with Chromecast compatibility with this update, will allow users to download files with all the power and speed of a 64-bit system and stream them anywhere a Chromecast is located.

As such, Microsoft may want to give Android users the same tools and features they would expect from Google Drive. That way, more Android owners will be more willing to try and stick with Microsoft’s product.

Is Microsoft OneDrive Right For You?

While Microsoft faces stiff competition in the Google Drive Android marketplace, it doesn’t seem daunted in making OneDrive the best it can be. Once the update arrives on your phone, you can stream supported media to your Chromecast within the app itself.

That’s not to say that Microsoft OneDrive is particularly lagging behind in the Android market. In fact, if you are looking for a photo backup tool on Android, this is a great option if you don’t want to use Google Photos.

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