Windows 11 in September: Big Names Coming to the Microsoft Store, Amazon Appstore Appears and More


With Microsoft hard at work on the next iteration of Windows, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything that is going on in the world of Windows 11. That’s why we’re putting together the best stories from the past month, so so you can stay on top of the most important developments in Windows 11, without having to spend hours researching.

Microsoft to redesign Windows 11 volume sliders

Volume sliders have been a contentious issue in several operating systems, from Apple’s iOS to Microsoft’s Windows 8, 10 and now 11. But on Microsoft’s part, the company has now confirmed that it is working on a redesigned volume slider in Windows 11.

Microsoft briefly introduces a new media player app for Windows 11

A new media player app is in the works for Windows 11, bringing a modern design with more features compared to the pre-existing Movies & TV app, including Shuffle and Replay buttons.

Discord and Opera coming to Windows 11 Microsoft Store, with Epic Games Store to follow

Windows 11 may not be out yet, but the Microsoft Store for Windows 11 apps is already gaining momentum with some big names. In September, it was confirmed that Discord and Opera will be arriving in the store, while the Epic Games Store plans to do the same shortly thereafter.

Windows 11 in September: Big names are coming to the microsoft store, the amazon appstore is coming, and more - onmsft.  Com - October 2, 2021

Business customers will be able to choose between Windows 10 and Windows 11 on new Surface devices

New Surface devices purchased by commercial customers will offer the option of having Windows 10 or Windows 11 by default, providing more flexibility for commercial customers who may have specific needs.

Windows 11 in September: Big names are coming to the microsoft store, the amazon appstore is coming, and more - onmsft.  Com - October 2, 2021

Microsoft’s updated PC Health Check app is now available for all Windows 11 enthusiasts

An updated PC health check has been released, resolving complaints that it does not provide enough information when it reports that a PC is not compatible with Windows 11. Now the tool will provide more information to help a user understand what the problem is.

Microsoft's updated PC Health Monitor application is now available to all Windows 11 enthusiasts - onmsft.  Com - September 21, 2021

Android apps on the way as Amazon Appstore appears in Windows 11 Microsoft Store

A placeholder for the Amazon Appstore has popped up in the Microsoft Store, hinting that Android apps will soon be available for Windows 11, as it’s a sign that preparations are underway.

Amazon Appstore in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11

PowerToys lands in the Microsoft Store for Windows 11

Speaking of launches in the Microsoft Store, PowerToys has also caught on. This provides an easier way to download and install PowerToys, compared to the original method of downloading it through GitHub.

Windows 11 on ARM on Apple M1 Macs Not Officially Supported, Microsoft Says

It has been said by Microsoft that running Windows 11 on an Apple M1 Mac is not supported, at least officially, despite the fact that Parallels Desktop 17 offers the option to do so.

Mac Apple m1

Microsoft has a new hit ad for Windows 11

A new advertisement for Windows 11 has been launched. It lasts 60 seconds and has the quality usually associated with Surface promotional videos.

Asus plans motherboard BIOS updates to allow Windows 11 support for 6th and 7th generation processors

Asus aims to extend support for some older processors namely 6th and 7th Generation processors for Windows 11 through a BIOS update, due to Microsoft’s more stringent requirements for upgrading to Windows 11.

Windows 11 in September: Big names are coming to the microsoft store, the amazon appstore is coming, and more - onmsft.  Com - October 2, 2021

Panos Panay’s Latest Windows 11 Tease Is A “Beautiful Redesigned” Photo App

A preview of a redesigned Photos app in Windows 11 was teased by Panos Panay, showing a more refined and modern Photos experience.

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