Will Fortnite return to the Apple App Store?

It’s been a while since fortnite left the shelves of the Apple App Store. What was once a peaceful partnership went sour when Epic Games implemented its own in-game payment method.

Although the decision seemed innocent at first, it was extremely aggressive from a business perspective. Having its own payment method meant cheaper prices for gamers, but it also took Apple away from every transaction, something the tech giant clearly didn’t like.

Apple is asking for an in-game purchase discount for apps and games on the App Store. Epic thought it was anti-competitive.

The fallout was quick. Apple quickly removed fortnite from the App Store and terminated all of Epic’s developer accounts, meaning the developer would not be able to patch any of its games on Apple devices.

This meant that players who had Epic titles installed on their devices could continue to play them, but they could not download new content. Considering that over a year has passed and companies have since been tried to fix the problem, some gamers are rightly wondering if fortnite will never return to the Apple App Store.

What happened in court?

Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, the judge handling the case between Apple and Epic, ruled that Apple must allow developers to provide links that direct gamers to alternative payment methods for in-app purchases until December 2021. that it appears Epic was right, and he had won the lawsuit, the company was asked to repay all of the lost revenue that Apple had suffered throughout the feud. Epic considered the result a loss and immediately appealed.

When fortnite return to the Apple App Store?

The answer to this question is entirely up to Apple. Since Apple now has to allow developers to provide links to external payment sources on apps, Epic can technically return to the App Store with its new payment methods.

Epic agreed it would abide by the rules and prepare to reintroduce fortnite back to Apple devices, but Apple currently will not grant access to fortnite or any other Epic title.

Tom Sweeney, CEO of Epic describes the situation as a lie constructed by Apple. According to him, Apple previously mentioned that it would welcome Epic back to the App Store if the developer agreed to abide by the rules.

Although Apple seems unfair, it still has the option of denying Epic its developer account. The court confirmed that Epic breached its contract with Apple, which means that Apple can legally deny access to Epic since the developer was wrong for violating Apple’s terms of service. It looks like Apple is trying to take a stand, similar to how Epic started the feud.

Despite the compromises in court, it appears Apple has no other companies to follow suit with Epic. There is a chance that the reintroduction fortnite returning to the App Store might encourage others to do similar stunts in the future.

While it doesn’t look like Epic titles will be returning to the App Store anytime soon, a lot may change in the future. Epic might decide to make more compromises that might convince Apple to change its mind. It’s also possible that Apple is looking again to cash in on the revenue that Epic titles would almost certainly provide on the App Store.

Players can still technically access fortnite on their iOS devices through Nvidia’s GeForce Now, but the experience probably won’t come close to running the game natively on your device.

How to keep playing Fortnite

fortnite is a cross-platform game. This means that players can continue their progress on almost any platform. If you have a PC, console or Android device, you can connect to fortnite and access your account as you would on an Apple device.

But players who used their Apple accounts to play fortnite will need to assign a different email address to their Epic accounts as sign-in with Apple is no longer available.

Log in to Epic’s official website and go to the General tab of your account details to change your email address. Enter your new details and apply them to receive a confirmation email. Once you verify the change, you can log in to fortnite from any platform and pick up where you left off.

Yes fortnite finally returns to the App Store in the future, all your fortnite progress will also continue.

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