Why You Can’t Buy Kindle Books Through Amazon’s Android App Anymore

Buying eBooks for the Kindle app on your Android smartphone now requires an extra step.

Amazon users can no longer order Kindle books through the Android app. This development comes more than a decade after the option was removed for iOS users.

When adding a new Kindle book to their cart, Amazon users are directed to a page explaining that this feature is no longer available. The move comes as Google prepares to crack down on apps that don’t follow its billing rules.


Why ebook purchases are irrelevant

In 2011, Amazon stopped offering digital book purchases through its iOS app. They made this decision in order to avoid paying additional taxes on digital goods, in accordance with Apple’s App Store rules.

Although Google has similar rules for its Google Play Store, they have rarely been enforced. Specifically, according to the Google Play Console help page, Google expects apps to use the company’s own billing system to purchase digital goods. By doing so, Google gets a cut of the sale.

Of course, as everyone knows, not all sellers followed this rule, including Amazon. But, as of June 1, Google promised to force these companies to respect the rules of their billing system, threatening to remove them if they did not comply.

Sensing that Google was finally serious about the threats, Amazon eventually decided to stop allowing users to purchase Kindle books through its app. After all, he has so much more to lose.

How to Buy Kindle Books and Other eBooks on Amazon

While users may be angry they have lost the ability to make an easy purchase through the Android app; that doesn’t mean there isn’t another way to do it. Instead, you just need to visit Amazon through a browser to complete your purchase.

You can continue to browse Amazon’s Kindle books list and add books to their favorites list. Then when you reach a computer, you can move those books from the favorites list to the shopping cart and make the purchase. That way, all that time spent browsing through books while on the go isn’t wasted.

After the purchase is complete, the titles are added to the Kindle library. From there, Android users can still use the Kindle app to read books on the go.

Amazon has been bending the rules for years

The rules regarding Google Play and its billing system are certainly nothing new, but Amazon has managed to dodge them so far. Unfortunately for avid readers, there will be an extra step between finding books on smartphones and buying them.

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