Why Android TV is losing Apple TV’s Movie Store is a shame: It’s all about cheap 4K HDR

The ability to buy and rent movies from the Apple TV app on Android TV has been removed, and it’s currently unknown why, and if (or when) it might return (via FlatpanelsHD).

I see this on my own Android TV – anyone who has purchased Apple TV/iTunes movies in the past can still view and play them from the app, but you can no longer browse and buy from the store.

Apple TV+ streaming is also still working, so the slew of cool new Apple TV+ shows and movies will remain available to all subscribers.

T3 has approached Apple and Google to comment on the change, but neither company has had an official response as of writing.

A lot of people will just shrug their shoulders about losing this buying option, because there are so many other ways to watch and buy movies on Android TV and Google TV.

But the Apple TV store is actually an overlooked gem for movie buffs, as it not only has the best selection of movies that support 4K, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, but it also has a constantly rotating list of those movies for a very affordable price. I’ve been telling people about it over the past couple of years, because I’ve inevitably watched a lot more of it from home.

You can find amazing movie deals there every day, including movies that have only recently arrived to take home – as a timely example, while researching this story, I saw that the Oscar-nominated film Spencer was under £5 in 4K HDR, and I bought it on impulse.

Whether or not you buy the HD version with Apple TV’s movies, it’s no problem – you just get it in the best possible quality, and the movies you’ve already purchased are upgraded to a free one. higher quality if they become available.

That’s why it’s such a shame that the ability to buy movies on Apple TV directly from your Android TV is gone – hopefully whatever changed can be pulled back. If additional news emerges, we’ll update this story.

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