WhatsApp Users Beware of This Android App That Recovers Deleted Messages

No one likes reading the “This post has been deleted” prompt. There are applications that help you recover these messages, including one of the most popular known as WAMR. The WAMR app is available on the Google Play Store and allows users to recover deleted text messages and any deleted media. Also Read – Google Deliberately Withholds Old Pixel Devices

WAMR currently has over 50 million installs. It requires the phone to be running at least Android 5 and have at least 16MB of free space. Developer “drilens” explains that the app does not access WhatsApp chats because they are encrypted. However, it keeps track of notifications via notification logs, so if a message is deleted, the app accesses the notification history and retrieves the message. The app also tries to back up media, but it’s a bit tricky because most users don’t keep auto-downloading of media turned on. Read also – Nothing phone (1) smartphone announced, aims to compete with Apple

Experts are now warning users against the WAMR app as it endangers their online privacy. Also Read – How To Use WhatsApp On PC, Laptop Without Smartphone

According to a new report from a security journal, cybersecurity experts from the International Institute of Cybersecurity (IICS), the WAMR application is a risky application to use, given that it requires access to several parameters. . The app currently requires access to gallery, network and notifications, which increases the risk of data leakage.

Although the report states that the app is not currently “malicious”, it warns users that accessing the app’s notifications could reveal sensitive data. This is a major security risk according to the researchers. The report states that “users who install this application [WAMR] need to grant you extended permissions, which could compromise data used by other applications, files stored in the device’s memory, Internet search histories, and even the contact list of device users.

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