Watch: Apple uses YouTube to dig into Google, Android

Switches. Sounds like such an innocuous little word, doesn’t it? Ask Apple and it suddenly becomes a billion dollar “thing”. Why? Because it’s a term that Apple uses for those who leave android at iPhone. And for these “switchers”, Apple posted a video. The irony couldn’t be sweeter as the video is on YouTube – a platform owned by GoogleAndroid’s parent company.
The video – posted by Apple’s official account – is a guide for Android users who might have questions about how and what to keep in mind before switching to an iPhone. “In this video, we answer the questions most searched by Android users before switching to the iPhone. These questions cover a range of topics from switching to iOS, swapping, reliability, updates software updates, privacy, and support,” Apple explains in the video.

The seven “important” points to keep in mind when switching to the iPhone
Apple anticipates the basic — and most wanted — questions Android users might have if and when they decide to upgrade to an iPhone. The video is shot in an Apple Store where an employee answers questions Android users might have. The questions asked are:
If I switch to iPhone, will it be easy to transfer my contacts, photos and messages?
Yes, says Apple, with the Move to iOS app, all contacts, photos and messages are instantly transferred to iPhone from Android phone.
Can I trade in my Android smartphone?
Again, yes. Apple offers an exchange for almost all smartphones from major Android brands.
Will it hold up over time?
Here, Apple is touting the durability and sturdiness of the iPhone. Not to mention the “incredible” battery life and performance which means it will run “smoothly for years”.
Will it be reliable?
Rather smartly done and Apple is looking at how updates are delayed on Android phones.
Will it get the latest updates?
Citing the example of the iPhone 6S, released almost 6 years ago, Apple claims that it still runs iOS 15.
How will my personal information be protected?
Privacy is important and that has always been Apple’s message. It also finds its way into video with features like Sign in with Apple and App Tracking Transparency getting a mention.
Will I get support from Apple?
This is to get support from Apple online and offline for any problem with the iPhone.

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