Verizon has a good surprise, although familiar to the recalcitrant of 3G

More than two decades after its initial commercial deployment in a number of major markets around the world and several years after numerous large-scale 5G deployments using various combinations of low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum, 3G technology is in some way one thing always comes out…at least on a US mobile network.

Clearly, some Verizon customers continue to use 3G-only phones as daily drivers…for whatever reason, refusing to upgrade to 4G-enabled devices so adamantly that the carrier is now taking said proverbial switches into its own hands. to a (small) financial loss.
Then again, this might not be the worst game here given that the point of this “gift” is to keep people set in their ways connected to a network of work beyond end of 2022. The vast majority of those customers will likely be happy to receive something “basic” with a familiar design and a short learning curve when it comes to overall functionality.
Depending on your luck, you will get a Orbic Voyage V, TCL Flip Pro, or Nokia 2720 V Flip at no cost in the near future if you’re still using a 3G device, although with similar retail prices between $79.99 and $99.99 we really couldn’t tell you which of these bad boys is objectively better than the others.
What’s clear is that all three are vastly inferior to the 4G LTE and 5G-enabled phones that AT&T and T-Mobile have offered in recent months to set the stage for theirs. 3G network shutdowns.
Naturally, you’re always free to upgrade to a more advanced handset (at cost) on Verizon if you want, and you can even “decline free phone for CDMA Sunset” by calling (800) 922-0204. We don’t see why you would bother to turn down something free, of course, that won’t change your plan or contract in any way, merely bringing you closer to cellular modernity.

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