Top 7 Google Android Features Smartphones Are Getting This Fall

Google announced a major update which brought a number of new Android features that users can benefit from.

Google may discontinue its Android 12 mobile operating system at any time. Ahead of the launch of Android 11’s successor, Google announced a major update to its Android operating system that brings a host of new features, including the ability to control smartphones using facial gestures, use your smartphone as a TV remote and add photos and videos. in a password-protected area. Let’s take a brief look at these Android features.

Camera switches

Google said it’s starting to roll out a new Camera Switches feature in the Android Accessibility Suite that lets users turn their front-facing camera into a switch, which in turn lets them navigate their smartphones on the go. facial expressions help. This happens using the company’s Project Activate app. Google said users can use facial gestures and eye movements to activate preset actions like speaking a phrase (like “Wait!”), playing audio (like a laugh), or sending a text message (like ” Come here please”).

Google also said that when it comes to accessibility, it’s bringing handwriting recognition to Lookout, which is an app that uses a phone’s camera to help people who are visually impaired or blind do things more quickly and easily. In Documents mode, Lookout will now read handwritten and printed text for Latin-based languages. Additionally, in response to Lookout’s growing global audience, the company is recognized in Euros and Indian Rupees in currency mode, with more on the way.

Android TV function

The next feature coming to Android smartphones allows users to control their TVs using their Android phones. Google said it has built remote control capabilities directly into users’ Android phones so they can turn on their TVs, browse recommendations or even start their favorite shows right from their phone. They can use their phone’s keypad to quickly enter complicated passwords, movie names, or search terms. This feature will be available in 14 more countries over the next few weeks.

Manage daily tasks using Assistant reminders

Another feature coming to Android is smarter reminders. Google said users can now manage all their reminders in one place by saying “Hey Google, open my reminders” where they’ll also see helpful suggestions for recurring reminders that they can turn on with a click. Once set, Google will notify users at the perfect time on their devices, whether they’re at home or on the go.


Android Auto will allow users to listen to music, news and podcasts with personalized recommendations from Google Assistant. Users will also be able to play games from GameSnacks while parked. For commuters, Android Auto will help them stay on top of important work meetings and messages with new work profile support. “Also, if you’re a dual-SIM Android phone user, you can now choose which SIM card to use when making calls through Android Auto,” Google wrote in a blog post.

As for availability, these Android Auto features will soon be available on Android phones when connected to a compatible car.

Add photos and videos to a password-protected space

Google plans to roll out the Locked Folder feature in Google Photos for Android users. This feature was previously limited to Google’s Pixel smartphones and gives users a password-protected space to save photos and videos separately, so they won’t show up when scrolling through Google Photos or any other app on their devices.

New emojis on Gboard

Google said it plans to roll out more than 1,500 stickers to Emoji Kitchen on Gboard. These emojis will arrive on Android smartphones this fall.

Control who shares with you

Google has also improved visibility settings in its Nearby Share feature, which gives users full control over who can discover their device and send files. Users can choose between everyone, your contacts, or nobody. They can easily change their preferences at any time through their phone’s Quick Settings space.

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