The material you redesign arrives in the Google Play Store app

Google is bringing a major design overhaul with the Android 12 operating system. It named this design Material You. Even before the release of Android 12, Google started redesigning its original apps with the Material You design language.

Finally, according to the latest report from 9to5Google, the company offers the Material You design for the Android apps and games hub, the Google Play Store.

The redesign of the previous Google Play Store design was not well received by users. Mainly because Google has buried the ability to update apps in multiple layers. To put it simply, manually checking for app update in the Play Store now requires unnecessary extra steps.

However, if you think Google has fixed this problem with the new Material You overhaul, you’ll be disappointed. In fact, the redesign of Material You is barely scratching the surface of the Google Play Store.

The Material You makeover is visually limited to four main home screen elements. For starters, the search bar takes the form of a pill. It looks aesthetically good, as the profile avatar now has a suitable location to fit in.

New Material You design is available for Google Play Store version 27.4

The different section indicator of the Play Store is no longer green in color. It now has the dynamic color preset, which matches the color of the search bar field just above it.

Last but not least, the bottom bar now displays individual pill-shaped highlights. Previously, the bottom bar was a rectangular box, with green highlights for different sections.

So that’s about it with the changes made by the hardware you design for the Google Play Store. You won’t find any changes in the apps lists or on the Manage apps and devices page.

The limited changes are justifiable, as the Play Store already has elements that keep it modern and in symmetry with the changes made with Android 12.

This could very well be the reason why Google hasn’t added tons of visual changes to the Google Play Store. Note that the redesign is not widely available.

It was spotted for Google Play Store version 27.4. You can check the Google Play Store version installed on your phone by going to Settings> About> Play Store Version.

If no changes are visible, you have to wait your luck as this is a server side update. This means that there is hardly anything you can do to trigger this new overhaul feature. We expect the rollout to end before Android 12 arrives for Pixel phones.

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