The intelligence of Google Tensor photography detailed by Google


  • Google has just published a bunch of information related to the intelligence of the photography of the Google Tensor chip.
  • Some of this information is new which was not explained when the Google Pixel 6 series launched.

As exciting as the Pixel 6 series is just to exist, one of the most exciting things about phones is the chipset inside. This is Google’s first attempt to design its own silicon, and so far it appears to be successful (check out our Pixel 6 Pro review for more).

Now Google has posted a blog entry that details how smart the Google Tensor is, at least when it comes to photography. The company gives some details about Tensor’s Image Signal Processor (ISP) and how its machine learning intelligence improves your photos and videos.

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For example, the Tensor ISP integrates Live HDR + support directly into the chip, which enables 4K / 60FPS HDR video in the native camera application but also in third-party applications. Tensor also makes Google’s night vision work better and faster in tandem with the new laser autofocus system.

Google is also discussing the hardware and software behind the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s telephoto lens as well as how Tensor is making computer photography more inclusive for people of color.

We already saw some of this when the Pixel 6 launched, but some of it is brand new as well. If you’re eager to put the photographic qualities of a Pixel 6 phone to the test, this is a good article to read. Read the full article here.

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