“Switch to Android” app on iOS now supports all phones with Android 12

Google announced today via a blog post that all Android 12 phones now support the “Switch to Android” iOS appallowing users to seamlessly transfer data from their old iPhone to their new Android. Previously this app only worked when switching to a Pixel phonebut now the support has been extended.

The long-awaited app first appeared on the Play Store in April with a somewhat delayed rollout. The app description promises to help you move your photos, videos, contacts and calendar events to a new Android device without “messy cables”, as well as a quick reminder to turn off iMessage and ask for the proper permissions to move the rest of your data around. You can follow the detailed instructions on the “Switch to Android” website.

Google also took the opportunity to point out that over a billion new Android phones were activated last year and highlight all the Android features you can enjoy once you leave iOS, such as:

  1. Messaging app with RCS which has many features that iMessage currently has, only between Android devices. gboard also adds to these features by providing Emoji reactions and thousands of Emoji mashup stickers.
  2. Chat with Google Meet, or if you prefer FaceTime, you can still use it in the latest version of Chrome. Additionally, there are apps like WhatsApp that allow you to chat with anyone in the world.
  3. Use your favorite music streaming service including Apple Music
  4. All your favorite apps on the Google Play Store
  5. A privacy first approach with protection against bad apps, malware, phishing and spam. Additionally, Android offers timely recommendations for reviewing location sharing preferences.
  6. A “Better Together” initiative that allows your Android device to work better with Chromebooks, Wear OS smartwatches, Google TV devices, and Fast Pair for supported headphones. However, some Apple devices, like AirPods, will work with your Android device.
  7. Google apps and services that allow you to access your data anywhere, such as Docs, Sheets, etc.
  8. Share Nearbywhich lets you easily share music, photos, and other files between your nearby Android and ChromeOS devices.
  9. Android-widget which give your Android home screen a unique look, as well as useful features, such as real-time traffic forecasts from Google Maps.
  10. Technologies useful to all, such as TalkBack and Live Transcription.

It’s great to see the “Switch to Android” app expand, especially when there are so many potential Samsung phone fans who could benefit from an app like this to ease their transition. Likewise, hopefully this approach will inspire iPhone users to switch, knowing they can do so without too much hassle.

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