Substack is working on an Android app for authors and readers

The iOS app is already online

Substack, the newsletter startup that took the world by storm, has been around since 2017, providing a platform for writers covering finance, politics, art, travel and everything in between. After recently hitting one million paid subscribers on its website alone, the company is finally looking to expand on mobile with a dedicated app that makes your newsletters easier to find.

Substack has announced the launch of its first-ever iOS app along with a waiting list for the dedicated Android platform which will soon be available, providing users with many benefits. As a reader, you’ll have access to all of your Substack subscriptions in one place, with an organized inbox section that lets you always read your favorite writers. Plus, there’s a Twitter-like discovery section to explore the app and find new writers you might not have heard of otherwise.


In the meantime, if you’re a writer, you’ll be able to better connect with your readers through the app. Of course, you retain ownership of your content and mailing list, but with the addition of multiple media formats (including podcasts, videos, and newsletters) and instant delivery to readers’ inboxes. The company even touts an added perk for creators: an amplifying system that boosts existing networks on the platform, making it easier for writers to get new subscribers. According to Substack, already-subscribed readers are 2.5x more likely to pay for your content, encouraging news for all emerging media types.

The company hopes the app will help make Substack a hub for readers and writers to connect and form deep relationships. He even calls it a haven for reading, an alternative to mindless games, meaningless diversions, or doomscrolling social media for a short-lived dopamine rush.

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