Stunning iPhone 14 Upgrade Leak, iPhone 13 Misery, App Store Under Fire


Looking back on another week of Cupertino news and headlines, this week’s Apple Loop includes new iPhone 14 details, iPhone 13 delays, significant iOS updates, the return of the MacBook, the return to the iPad Mini, the Apple App Store under fire, the release of Swift Playgrounds, and what next for Apple Music?

Apple Loop is here to remind you of some of the many, many discussions that have taken place around Apple over the past seven days (and you can read my weekly recap of Android news here on Forbes).

The specs go (mostly) higher for the iPhone 14

The latest research notes on Apple’s next generation iPhone suggest that the camera in the next iPhone Pro and Pro Max will increase the main camera to 48 megapixels suitable for 8K video recording, 8 GB of RAM, but will potentially start at a lower storage tier of 64GB – likely due to the current silicon chip shortage rather than market decisions:

“In a research note with Haitong International Securities, obtained by MacRumors, Pu said that both Pro models will be equipped with a triple-lens rear camera system with an enhanced 48-megapixel wide lens and Ultra Wide and Telephoto lenses. of 12 megapixels. matches information shared by TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who said in April that the 48-megapixel lens would support 8K video recording. “


The misery of waiting for your new iPhone

As previously reported here on Forbes, Apple is facing delays across its entire iPhone lineup due to supply chain issues around the world and the impact of the silicon chip shortage. Next year will unfold long before supply is constant:

“In any case, the word from the supply chain is that the supply of the iPhone 13 is unlikely to meet demand until February 2022. This means that delivery times will almost certainly increase during the holiday shopping season. This is already the case with the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models, which face severe shortages as mentioned. “

(Tom’s Guide).

Important iOS update released

While a lot of features have been added (such as Apple Music Voice Plan, Ã…pple Privacy Reports, Parts and Maintenance History, and additional security features in Messages), the greatest value, as always, is in the updates. of security :

“Regarding security, Apple’s official security page reveals that iOS 15.2 contains no less than 42 security patches. These cover the widest range of security vulnerabilities I can remember in an intermediate release. , with flaws found in audio, FaceTime, Password Manager, Preferences and only seven in Webkit – the browser engine used by Safari. Apple does not explicitly state that these are zero-day hacks, but the simple number makes iOS 15.2 a significant update. “


Let’s try this name again?

What’s in a name? Apple seems to want to try “MacBook” again. Considering the oddly isolated entry-level MacBook Pro slated for release in 2022, couldn’t the laptop that’s ridiculously close to the MacBook Air just be a “Pro” but just a vanilla “MacBook”?

“This wouldn’t be the first time Apple has offered a ‘MacBook’. -C-centric, fanless design of the next MacBook Air, so they were clearly positioned as similar devices.”


Sometimes you have to be small to be successful

Despite all the talk about bigger tablets and better processors, Skip Owens has moved the other way. How does the iPad Mini compare to the bigger parents in the iPad family? A funny review as Owens returns:

“Whether I’m working from home or physically at work, I have to take my laptop to most meetings. Having a full size laptop and a bigger iPad (like an 11 “or 12.9” iPad Pro) in front of me is really tough in most situations. The little iPad mini, however, performs very well. Even on a cramped conference room table, I can easily keep my laptop open and lay my iPad mini on the table with plenty of room. The iPad mini is also the perfect size to hold in one hand and take notes with Apple Pencil with the other hand for situations where you don’t have a table to take notes or just want to. a little privacy with the notes you take. “


The power of Apple and the power of Google

Following an investigation, the UK Competitions and Markets Authority released an interim report indicating that Google and Apple are essentially a duopoly in the world of smartphone app distribution:

“The CMA tentatively found that Apple and Google have been able to leverage their market power to create largely self-sustaining ecosystems. As a result, it is extremely difficult for any other business to enter and compete in any meaningful way with a new system.

“Apple does not allow alternative app stores to its own and has rules in place that limit the functionality of other browsers. A similar situation appears to be occurring with Google under its contracts with Android device makers. , although it offers its Android platform on an open source basis. These agreements encourage the pre-installation of Play Store and Chrome, which means they are used by the overwhelming majority of Android customers. “


Swift Playgrounds released

Apple has released the fourth edition of Quick playgrounds, his introduction to coding with Swift. Available in the iPad and macOS app stores, this is a turnkey package ranging from lessons to downloading your own apps in stores.

“pple today released Swift Playgrounds 4, an update to the Swift Playgrounds app that has been in the works for some time. The latest version of the app lets you create iPhone and iPad apps directly on an iPad without need a Mac. Swift Playgrounds 4 includes App Store Connect integration to download a finished app from the App Store. “

(Apple Going through MacRumors).

And finally…

Apple fan writes to Tim Cook about everything wrong with Apple Music. Tim Cook responds. (Anyone want to do this for Apple podcasts?)

“The Apple Music app has big problems. It has significant shortcomings in terms of technical performance, design, and missing features. Here’s why the app is so controversial and what can be done about it.”

(Reddit and Average, Going through PodNews).

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