Stable version of Android Studio 2.0 with a new emulator

Following its announcement last November, Android Studio 2.0 is now available in the stable channel. The upgraded suite brings developers new emulation tools, “Instant Run” build functionality, Cloud Test Lab integration and more. For non-developers, Android Studio is Google’s official integrated development environment (IDE) that covers app development on smartphone, tablet, Android Auto, Wear, and TV platforms.

Instant Run appears to be the major new addition to Android Studio, which should allow for much faster build times. This feature allows developers to see changes to their app’s code almost instantly, even when it’s already running on a device or in the emulator. Clicking the new button will analyze the latest code changes and determine the fastest way to deploy it, avoiding reinstalling an APK every time you want to test a change.

Speaking of speed, the new Android emulator is said to be up to three times faster in CPU, RAM and I/O compared to the old emulator. The software also builds much faster, with ADB push speeds 10x faster than before. Google has updated the emulator with a new interface, sensor controls, and support for multi-touch gestures. There is also a drag and drop APK feature for faster installation.

Other notable features include Cloud Test Lab integration, which allows testing apps on a wide range of physical devices from Android Studio. There’s also new app indexing to help promote your app’s visibility in Google search with auto-generated URLs, a GPU debugger preview if you’re developing with OpenGL ES, and a more general IntelliJ 15 update for keep the platform up to date. with the latest features of the coding platform.

Android Studio 2.0 is available as a separate version To download or as an update through a stable release channel. You can read additional details about the changes and new features on the Android Developer Blog Post.

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