Stable version now available]Android Studio 3.2 Beta is available with App Bundle support, Emulator Snapshots, and more


Android Studio is the environment recommended by Google for developing Android applications, and many new features were announced during Google I / O. Some of these improvements have now landed in the beta branch, with the release of Android Studio 3.2 Beta.

The main new feature of Android Studio 3.2 is the ability to generate App Bundles. In case you don’t know them, App Bundles are a new way to distribute apps on the Play Store. Instead of generating different APKs for each CPU / DPI / API level architecture, you can create an App Bundle with one click and upload it to the Play Store. No code changes are required to take advantage of this feature, so developers can start using it immediately.

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Emulator snapshots are also in Android Studio 3.2, which allows developers to quickly save the current state of an emulated Android device and come back to it later. There is also a new energy profiler, screen recording in Android emulator, AndroidX refactoring, etc.

You can download the new beta version here. Keep in mind that you can install both stable and beta versions at the same time.

UPDATE: 09/24/2018 6:37 PM PDT PER

The final stable version of Android Studio 3.2 is now available for download. Like the beta, it has a new energy profiler, support for app sets, emulator snapshots, and more. It also includes AMD / Hyper-V hardware acceleration for the Android emulator, which landed in Canary releases two months ago.

Other new features include ARCore simulator, new wizard for troubleshooting ABD connection issues, IntelliJ 2018.1.6, Kotlin 1.2.61, etc. You can read the full changelog here.

Source: Android Developer Blog


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