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Last year, Spotify told customers it had no plans to add “Swipe to Queue” to its Android app. This iOS-exclusive feature lets you quickly queue up tracks by swiping them to the right, rather than wading through a bunch of finicky menus. But now, without fanfare, Swipe to Queue is available on Android.

Swipe to Queue debuted five years ago on iOS. For some reason, Spotify just refused to bring the feature to Android. We don’t know why the company changed its mind or why it didn’t bother to announce the feature, which Android users have been asking for since 2017.

Although it doesn’t sound like a revolutionary feature, Swipe to Queue makes it easy to schedule music on the fly. I’ve always wanted the feature for parties – it’s easier to tell someone to swipe right to the songs they want to queue than to ask them to press a bunch of buttons. (Not to mention that it is very easy to accidentally cheek a song you are trying to queue.)

Now, Swipe to Queue does not seem to be available for all Android users yet. Spotify is running a limited test or just hasn’t finished rolling out the feature. To see if Swipe to Queue is available on your device, update to the latest version of Spotify, open an album or playlist, and swipe right on a song.

Source: Reddit via XDA Developers

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