South Wichita store owner says he’s been robbed twice in a week

WICHITA, Kan (KSNW) – A local business struck twice in the same week. These thefts are now attracting the attention of some city leaders on the south side of Wichita.

Security footage from the owner of Mopigs Collectibles and Custom Paint shows a suspect breaking into the store. The owner shared a second break-in just 24 hours later. This time with two suspects in the store. The owner says maybe it is the same person.

There remains a city leader who asks what can be done to combat crime in the area.

Although there are no cameras visible outside the store that were broken into, the thieves probably did not realize that they had been filmed inside. Now the owner wants to find them.

“They opened the door at 1:59 am (in the morning) and didn’t come in until 2:04 am, they walked in,” said Anthony Nash, owner of Mopigs Collectibles and Custom Paint.

Anthony Nash does not own a typical local business.

“If you want to go out, go out and play video games – if you want to buy awesome stuff it’s great, that’s how I feed my kids,” Nash said.

A lover of video games and card games turned into a business, and two nights in a row Nash said he had lost collections in 30 years.

“I saw that you had been robbed on Facebook, a friend of mine shared it,” said a customer of his store on Saturday.

“The fact that they were coming right here and coming two days in a row, I literally mean it never happens,” Nash said.

Nash estimates tens of thousands of dollars lost, but the items themselves are priceless.

“All the really good things are gone,” Nash said.

Nash said he hopes that in the future there will be more police presence in the area to protect local businesses.

“It puts everything in perspective as to the prospect and what we need to do to encourage economic growth,” Hoheisel said.

Mike Hoheisel is the elected member of the Wichita South Ward City Council. He said there needs to be more focus on mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence across Wichita.

“If we tackle the underlying issues that are causing a lot of these other issues, we can free up resources, we can free up law enforcement to have time to patrol,” Hoheisel said.

Mike Hoheisel has said he wants to stay on top of developments with Nash. Hoping to continue to encourage local businesses in the region.

Nash shared that he doesn’t want donations just wants the people on his video to be found.

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