SD Times News Summary: Release of Android Studio 4.2, dotData Py Lite and ThoughtSpot Everywhere


Android Studio 4.2 focuses on upgrading the IntelliJ platform and adding a handful of new features focused on improving productivity as an Android app developer.

The new app project upgrade wizard in Android 4.2 makes it easy to migrate a project and use the Android Gradle plug-in APIs.

The version also contains improvements to existing features such as Database Inspector, System Trace, SafeArgs support, Apply Changes and more.

The full list of improvements is available here.

dotData Py Lite

DotData Py Lite is a new containerized AI automation solution that enables data scientists to run fast POCs and deploy dotData on their desktop.

The solution includes automated feature engineering and machine learning in a portable environment, allowing data scientists to explore 100 times more features, increase their assumptions and improve their ML models, according to the society.

“Good machine learning algorithms don’t guarantee great AI models – the secret is feature engineering. Whether using machine learning for forecasting product demand, customer attrition, revenue recovery, or fault detection, building strong functionality is difficult but essential for developing successful accurate predictions, ”said Ryohei Fujimaki, founder and CEO of dotData. “DotData Py Lite was created to bring the engineering power of enterprise-grade automated functionality to everyone’s laptop. Installation takes a minute, development takes ten minutes, and deployment is instant.

ThoughtSpot Everywhere announced

ThoughtSpot Everywhere was launched as a low-code platform for building interactive web applications with research-based analytics and AI and embedding any service available in the modern analytics cloud.

Users can explore and interact with the data through simple natural language searches without being limited by a predefined or predefined report or dashboard. Its AI capabilities automatically monitor the underlying data to flag relevant changes.

The company also announced the release of a new developer playground for developers to test and experience ThoughtSpot services and has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Diyotta, which offers codeless data integration.

Sonatype Advanced Legal Pack

Sonatype has unveiled its Advanced Legal Pack, which aims to automate open source license compliance by eliminating manual labor.

Its capabilities include Legal Compliance Workflow, which uses a software nomenclature to automatically identify each open source component license used in an app version and provides a dashboard to review licenses.

It also includes the license obligation review tool, extensive legal data, and automated attribution reporting / third party notification functions.

“The creation and protection of software is not done in a vacuum by development and security teams alone. The use of open source software can very quickly become a legal and compliance risk for companies if the proper procedures are not in place, ”said Brian Fox, CTO of Sonatype. “But the manual review process is not scalable. Development automation has been around for years, but the industry has not offered the same courtesy to other stakeholders involved in the development process. Today, we’re changing that and making life exponentially easier for developers, security teams and legal teams.


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