Report: Google Android 13 version will feature interface and battery optimizations

Google LLC will include new interface options and battery optimizations in Android 13, the next major iteration of its mobile operating system.

The upcoming features were detailed Thursday by XDA Developers, which attributed the information to a source with access to a first version of Android 13. XDA Developers had previously revealed the first details on the capabilities of Android 12 before its launch.

The next version of Android 13 would be called Tiramisu at Google. Once deployed, users will have access to new operating system settings that will make it easier to customize the interface.

The first setting to come should give Android users more flexibility to customize the language of the app interface. Android currently offers quite limited customization options in this area. To give users more options, Google engineers are reportedly developing a capability called “Panlingual” that would allow language settings to be configured separately for each app on a device.

The search giant is also reportedly preparing an update to the clock that appears on Android’s lock screen. In most cases, the clock displays the digits it uses to indicate the time of day on a single line. But sometimes the numbers are displayed in two rows instead of one. Google reportedly changed the design of the lock screen clock in Android 13 to still use the single-line layout.

The interface isn’t the only component of the operating system the search giant should update.

Thursday’s report says Google may develop a way for users to separately enable or view push notifications for each installed app. In addition, the company would develop a new capacity for energy management. The capacity would automatically limit the tasks an app can perform when a device’s battery is low to improve the user experience.

Latest Android 13 rumors surfaced just weeks after Google published the first beta of Android 12L, an upgrade to the current version of the operating system. It includes optimizations for mobile devices such as tablets and foldable smartphones. Android 12L has multitasking capability that lets you run two different apps side by side, as well as a new taskbar that makes it easier to switch between apps.

Image: Google

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