Redesign of the Google Play Store for the deployment of Wear OS [U]

As telegraphed by the September Google Play system update, the Wear OS Play Store is starting to get its new overhaul.

The Play Store redesign is rolling out. We see this update on the server side with version 32.3.44-26+. The design seems unchanged since the beginning of the month. In recent days, this redesign has disappeared for most people who originally received it, a sign that Google isn’t ready to launch it. However, some Wear OS owners still have the redesign. The throwback emphasizes how very simple the original design is. That said, it takes less scrolling to update apps. First shown off at Samsung’s Unpacked event last month with the unveiling of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro, this redesign starts with the search button now housed in a pill instead of a circle .

“Explore everything” with three app suggestions is followed by a “See more” button. You get the app name, icon and rating. “Recommended for you” and “Currently trending” are then followed by large cards for “Watch faces”, “Music streaming”, “Essential watch apps” and “Healthy mind and body”. The final section is a prompt to “browse and install apps from your other devices”, namely your phone, with the option to open the Play Store on said device. “Manage apps” and “Settings” complete the page. It’s unfortunate that the former is still so buried for the purpose of checking for app updates. In contrast, the current design is very heavy and boring. Promoting apps directly on the main feed could encourage people to download more stuff for their portable devices and further stimulate developer interest. It’s the latest sign that portable design has consolidated around displaying most content in a single view rather than letting users dive into different menus. The current live report for this redesign is on Google Play version 31.2.10-26 for Wear OS. However, the redesign is rolling out with a server-side update, and it’s not yet widely seen for most people today.

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