OxygenOS 12 will include a switch to disable the OnePlus Android app throttling error

Earlier this month, OnePlus was shut down for limiting the performance of its OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro smartphones in a wide variety of Android apps. The revelation was only brought to light by extensive research by AnandTech, after which OnePlus clearly addressed the tech community.

The incident led Geekbench to remove OnePlus devices from its popular benchmark, while OnePlus tried to explain that it took these steps to improve battery life for customers. “Our R&D team has been working over the past few months to optimize device performance when using 300 of the most popular apps, including Chrome, by matching the app’s processor requirements with the highest power. more appropriate, “OnePlus said at the time.

oneplus north 2

“It helped deliver a smooth experience while reducing power consumption. While this may impact device performance in some benchmarking applications, our goal, as always, is to do what we can to improve device performance for our users. “

Going forward, the company has confirmed that the OnePlus 9R and OnePlus Nord 2 5G will have some level of performance optimization, according to Android Police. While we don’t like the idea of ​​OnePlus limiting the performance of popular apps, it looks like customers will at least have the option to turn the feature off:

However, given the clear feedback from users and the media, our R&D team is currently working on adding an option that allows users to enable / disable this optimized mode and have better control over the performance of their devices. phones. We aim to prepare this solution with one of the first versions of OxygenOS 12.

We can only hope that the throttling will be turned off by default, giving customers the option to turn it on only if they wish. For example, we might see performance throttling activated when you have a limited amount of battery left and want to extend your range until you can get to a power outlet.

The new “performance optimizations” toggle will make its way into OxygenOS 12, which is slated to debut later this year alongside Android 12.

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