My Arcade Empire is now available on the Google Play Store

My Arcade Empire is now available on the Google Play Store

My arcade empire is now available to play worldwide for Android devices. The developers at Concrete Software have created a brand new idle tycoon game with a unique 80’s theme. Players will be challenged to build an arcade empire from the ground up in order to become the dominant arcade business in the world. 80 years.

My arcade empire doubles as a business simulator and an adventure mini-game. Players work to establish a stable business that can maintain cash flow even when you are away from the game. Collect cards to improve your business and sell pizza to hungry customers. Along the way, you can play the arcade games that help your business thrive. Test your skills to maneuver the wild ocean waves in New wave, become a famous rocker in Ax caliber, and try your luck as a pizza delivery boy in Pizza time. In addition, you will be able to collect new interesting characters there which can then be improved as the game progresses. While this game has a lot going for it, the relaxed recording game style allows for My arcade empire to enjoy on the go on a stroll or at home to relax.

The gameplay is described by its developers as easy to learn, but still fun to play. The art style is bright and vibrant, crafted in vibrant neon colors and iconic 80s 2D graphics. Weekly community events will take place with the possibility of winning prizes. For starters, the first weekly event is based on the ’80s blockbuster movie Breakfast club, where players are challenged to help the Brunch Club in order to win their prizes for the week.

In its first week on the Google Play Store, My arcade empire has received rave reviews from its players. If you are looking forward to be part of the fun, you can download the game here.


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