More ads will be rolled out to the App Store starting next week, Apple tells developers

Apple emailed developers this week notifying them of a new change to the App Store. The company puts add-related ads in the Today tab and in a “You Might Also Like” section at the bottom of the list of apps on the App Store, according to a new report from MacRumors.

These new ad placements will go live starting Tuesday, October 25 worldwide, except in China. This is part of Apple’s continued expansion of advertising spots in the App Store.

More ads on the App Store is already a controversial move

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This change has sparked discussions about increasing the app tax for developers. Apple has already updated its website advertising assets to reflect the new change, after announcing it earlier this year. The Today tab featured recommendations from the App Store, and this is the first time we’ll see an ad there. Here’s what Apple’s official documentation (opens in a new tab) now says:

With a Today Tab ad, your app can appear prominently on the App Store homepage, making it one of the first pieces of content users see when they begin their visit to the AppStore. The prominence of this location makes it a good option for building awareness of your app, especially for new content launches, special events, and seasonal promotions.

App product pages will also receive pull down ads. Apple has also updated its website (opens in a new tab) to reflect that:

Product pages – while browsing ads, you can promote your app to interested users as they browse different pages of the app store. Ads appear at the top of the list You might also like for users who scrolled down relevant product pages, actively searching for apps and getting information to help them decide whether or not to download. Your ad can show in all relevant app categories, or you can narrow down the categories it shows in.

These changes will bring the total number of advertising spots in the App Store to four, the other two being the search results and the Suggestion tab. Get ready to see more ads on all the best iPhones, best iPads, and best Macs you own.

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