Microsoft Store’s apps section could use some love

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  • Windows 11 drives 3x more traffic to the newly redesigned Microsoft Store with new additions.
  • Users have complained about the Microsoft Store and its lack of legitimate apps.
  • Some big-name apps are missing from the store, with some users having to look elsewhere for apps they thought they could find there.

Ever since the release of Windows 11, the Microsoft Store has been getting updates with great apps coming to the store.

Now it looks like more good news is around the corner, as more Android apps are expected to hit the popular store soon.

In a new blog post, Microsoft’s Panos Panay discussed Windows 11, the company’s operating system, and one of the main improvements he mentioned was that Windows 11 drives three times more traffic to the recently redesigned Microsoft Store.

Nothing really changed even after a redesign

Today, the Windows Store is part of the Microsoft Store and offers apps and hardware that customers can shop on.

As Microsoft’s Panay previously mentioned, the Windows Store has gotten a makeover for Windows 11, but a new Reddit thread shows how little has really changed when it comes to the app side of the Store.

A Reddit user shared an image of OpenOffice software and asked, “Why is Microsoft allowing it to be sold on the Windows Store?

The answers came quickly, and they were either funny or upsetting. It’s still sketchy, however, and Microsoft is allowing this behavior in its quest to get big-name apps onto the store, a battle it’s been fighting and losing since day one.

Not so good reviews

A Reddit thread revealed that the Microsoft Store is a bad source for freeware. It offers 13 different paid versions of free software as well as 30 other paid books on using free software.

A user adds:

When I went to the Microsoft Store, I expected to be able to install Teams from there. I was surprised to find that Teams was not there! It took me a few minutes to realize that I had to go to the Teams website to download and install the app.

According to Pany,

One of the incredible benefits of the Windows platform is that it provides a large and open ecosystem that gives users choice. Today, the ecosystem is stronger than it has ever been across hardware, software, apps, peripherals and more.

The Microsoft Store is a useful place to go if you’re looking to buy something physical from the company, but its app offerings are the definition of dumpster fire. As such, most people never download anything from the store because it’s easier to find what they want elsewhere.

So what do you think? What do you think of what’s coming to the Microsoft Store? Share your opinion in the comments.

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