Mastodon officially lands on the Play Store

Let’s just ignore all the other customers already there


Unless you are a social media pioneer. looking for alternatives to the behemoths of internet interactivity, you may not be familiar with Mastodon, the semi-popular microblogging alternative to Twitter first launched in 2016. While Twitter is a tower of centralized ivory that can issue bans on a whim and is subject to takeover attempts by eccentric billionaires, Mastodon is built entirely on open source software and consists of independent user-run servers capable of interacting with with each other. Although it is over half a decade old, Mastodon has yet to release an app for another open source platform – Android. Fortunately, that eventually changed.

Due to its open-source nature, it’s not the first app that lets you access its network, but it’s the first official client released by the Mastodon team (via XDA Developers). Although this social network doesn’t have Twitter’s 200 million strong user base, the fact that it’s open-source means you won’t have to worry about a growing plague of ads, and your stream will always remain in chronological Order order. This also comes at a strong time for Mastodon. After Elon Musk’s initial investment in Twitter, Mastodon has seen a spike in new users which is only expected to increase now that it is officially available to the billions of Android users worldwide.

However, this application lacks some features included by other third-party clients. While Notifications, Search, and Communities are here, you cannot view local or federated timelines. Still, if a missing proprietary app has kept you from trying Mastodon and you want to give it a spin, the app is free on the Play Store and runs on Android 6.0 and above.

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