Local game store opens second location on 4th Avenue

The public is invited to sit and play games with the locals

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – A new game store is opening on 4th Avenue next to the Del Sol Market and the public is invited to join in card games.

Rudy’s Phenomenal Games now has a second location, marking the first local game or comic store opening from Yuma.

“Without the community, this wouldn’t have happened. The support we have is why we have a second location, and that feeling is great,” game store owner Rudy Uriostegui said.

The store offers hobby items related to card and board games, from Pokemon cards to board games, and even books from a local artist.

Anyone interested can also use the place as a meeting place to sit and chat with the locals while playing collectible cards or whatever else is available.

“My friends want me to open a store. I can open a store, and we all meet in an air-conditioned place, and now two air-conditioned places,” Uriostegui said when asked what inspired him to open a store.

Rudy’s Phenomenal Games new location is at 1665 South 4th Avenue next to Del Sol Market and Big Lots, with a previous location at 3939 South 3E, Suite 109 across MCAS Yuma.

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