Live on PS Store! Latest news and release time

eFootball 2022 is HERE with the game live on the PS Store!

Here’s all the latest news on the Pro Evo franchise replacement.

Latest – Is it here?

The official release time may have been revealed for eFootball 2022.

With a release within 24 hours of this tweet, it looks like the game will arrive at 12:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. BST – but it looks like the game is already live looking at the PS Store.

Release date

eFootball 2022 will start on Thursday, September 30, 2021.

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It’s just a day before the full launch of the next version of EA Sports, FIFA 22.

What to expect

At the time of the original release, we expect eFootball 2022 to be VERY basic.

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You can expect eFootball 2022 to look like a demo when it first releases, with exhibition matches likely to be the only game mode available.

Judging from the image above, most of the game modes won’t arrive on eFootball 2022 until Thursday, November 11, while MyClub will be removed even later on Thursday, November 18.

We now know that Master League will be available through optional paid DLC, but the arrival date of the popular game mode is yet to be confirmed.

Gameplay trailer

You can watch the official eFootball 2022 gameplay trailer below:

There is plenty to get excited about here with a six minute video to watch!

One thing that has caught the eye is the new smart camera, which will give you a better view for one-on-one situations.

New features

We’ve compiled some of the key new features from the gameplay trailer below.

Control the touch of the ball

“Players will be able to control the hitting force of the ball as well as determine the speed of dribbling; from a depression to a full dash, just like in real football.

“Additionally, on PlayStation 5, eFootball will use haptic feedback and adaptive controller triggers to feel the difference in player movement. “

Deceive the defender

“With greater freedom to control how the player will trap the ball, every game becomes a mind game. A wide range of dribbling and body feints are also available with intuitive controls.

“Combined, they ensure that every duel provides an exciting time for both the attacker and the defender.”

Steal the ball and create chances

“Players can block their opponent’s shot by throwing their body or reading the kick and cutting the pass.

UNDER PRESSURE – Quick transitions are crucial in eFootball

“Of course, stealing the ball close to the opposing goal creates a great opportunity to score.”

For more information on the new features of eFootball, go here.

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