List of app stores that are alternatives to Google Play Store

App stores are where the products of modern technology are available to mobile users. Apps and content are delivered on Android through multiple platforms like Google Play Store or OEM store or with innovative solutions like Indus App Bazaar. The domination of a few players has led to a homogeneity of the user experience. Players like Indus App Bazaar have taken advantage of their experience in India to create a visually appealing experience for users.

There are currently many app stores that you are not even aware of. Here we have curated alternative stores that Android users should check out.

Indus app bazaar

Indus App Bazaar has provided 2.5 billion installs + updates to over 200 million users. It is designed to help users discover new trending apps in their preferred language. Indus App Bazaar hosts more than 400,000 applications in English as well as 12 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil and Bengali. Keen to support “Made in India” and “Vocal for Local” initiatives, App Bazaar aims to meet the needs of the next half a billion consumers using personalized app and content recommendations.

Amazon app store

The Amazon App Store for Android is an application store operated by Amazon in India for the Android operating system. This is the app store for Amazon’s Fire OS operating system, which can be found on all Amazon Fire tablets, including the Fire HD. Instead of the Google Play App Store, which is used on other Android devices, the Amazon App Store offers official software for Fire OS tablets. The Amazon App Store is available on all Amazon Fire devices, although it’s not limited to those devices. To make it more attractive, Amazon recently updated the store and added Amazon Coins, a virtual currency that can be used to purchase programs at a discount or for free. This is what sets this store apart from the rest.

Samsung Galaxy store

Samsung Galaxy Store (formerly known as Samsung Apps and Galaxy Apps) is a Samsung Electronics app store that recently reorganized to focus more on localized distribution of apps and content. As a result, it now offers an organized app list, game suggestions, enhanced gaming perks, and app-only features and offers. Samsung Galaxy smartphones, Samsung Gear and multifunction phones all come with the service preinstalled (like the Samsung REX and Duos). The store offers apps for the Android, Tizen, Windows Mobile, and Bada platforms and is available in 125 countries. The Samsung Push service, which has been installed in over a billion smartphones over the years, is used to notify users when apps in this store are updated.

OPPO application market

The OPPO App Market, which was created for ColorOS smartphones, allows users to download all types of Android apps and games for free. The App Store offers a diverse selection of apps in areas such as music, social media, office, books, photography, health, and more. Top Chinese players Oppo and Vivo have teamed up to create this app store, which will allow developers to sell their products in international markets.

Xiaomi GetApps

GetApps, formerly known as Xiaomi Market, is the Chinese brand’s app store, which comes pre-installed on all smartphones and tablets. Xiaomi GetApps started out as an online app store for Xiaomi smartphone customers, but has since expanded to include devices from other manufacturers. The best thing about this app store is that it has all the famous apps like PUBG and VSCO plus a section called “Today” which has a variety of useful and intriguing apps that are updated regularly.

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