Launch of the Rotolight iOS and Android app

August 16, 2022

British LED lighting manufacturer, Rotolight, has released a native iOS and Android app for its AEOS 2 and NEO 3 RBGWW LED lights.

Available on smartphones and tablets, the app allows photographers to easily adjust kelvin, brightness, HSL, freezes, blink settings, and SFX on up to 20 lights. The design features a replica of the touch screen found on the rear of the latest generation Rotolights. Real-time two-way communication between the app and the lights means adjustments are instantaneous without latency.

A virtual color wheel gives photographers the ability to choose from a color palette that includes 16.7 million colors, as well as 2,500 filters. Custom presets can also be selected through the app.

Rotolight iOS and Android app in use

Rotolight iOS and Android app works zero latency for instant control of LED lighting

Key features of the Rotolight iOS and Android apps

  • Bi-directional real-time adjustment between your Rotolight and the app
  • Adjust brightness and Kelvin settings from 3,000 to 10,000K
  • Easily store and recall custom lighting presets
  • Choose from an infinite color palette of 16.7 million colors, with color wheel and saturation control
  • Adjust flash settings including power, group, modeling lamp and flash duration, as well as Kelvin, HSI and flash freeze settings
  • Customize and remotely trigger Rotolight’s award-winning suite of cinematic lighting effects
  • Choose from 2500 classic lighting gels to enhance your creative possibilities
  • Choose between daylight (D56) or tungsten (D32) or emulations of each filter or select from hundreds of real-world sampled light sources in “source match” mode.
  • Instantly switch between continuous mode and flash mode up to 200 feet away
  • Control wireless streaming from the revolutionary Rotolight SmartSoftBox (sold separately)

The app is available for free download now from the Apple and Android stores. To update your firmware on your Rotolight to enable application compatibility, visit More app updates are expected to follow over the next few months.

Amateur photographers Nigel Atherton and Jessica Miller recently spent a day with Rotolight on a sci-fi themed photoshoot hosted by The Creativity Hub. Learn more about our experience using the kit.

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