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According to data revealed by the Google Play Store, Google’s Android TV appears to be the fastest growing connected TV platform available.

Play Store statistics show the YouTube app for Android TV has been downloaded over 100 million times, double the number reported by Google in June of last year and 20 million more than the company has officially reported last month.

Roku, at the end of the first quarter, reported 53.6 million active users, while Amazon Fire TV is believed to have passed 50 million by the end of 2020.

While YouTube downloads through the Google Play Store are not the gold standard when it comes to accurately measuring an audience, they do provide enough information to hypothesize that the Android TV platform gaining momentum and perhaps leaving competitors Roku and Amazon Fire TV in the dust.

This is another interesting piece of the puzzle that will ultimately determine which company has dominance and therefore control over the device corner of the streaming world.

It is also surely another strike against Google when it comes to Roku. The two companies have been embroiled in a very bitter and very public battle in which Roku CFO Steven Louden has accused Google of orchestrated efforts to force them to make their devices more expensive and therefore less competitive with their own products. from Google.

Roku went so far as to call Google an “unchecked monopolist” in an official statement regarding the dispute and Roku’s subsequent removal of the YouTube TV app from its platform.

While Roku’s affordable products have been the bread and butter of the company, thanks to their smart TVs and devices lining the shelves of big box stores, the future doesn’t look so rosy.

Walmart has officially entered the streaming device market with its own line of super affordable Onn-branded streaming devices, one of which provides access to 4K content at a very aggressive price.

Both devices are powered by the Android TV operating system, and both are squarely aimed at slashing Amazon and Roku’s bottom line on the very shelves that have allowed companies to dominate the streaming device market so far. . Considering Walmart’s enormous influence in the marketplace and its ability to cut down on its competition where it hurts, the importance of the retailer’s adoption of Android TV cannot be overstated.

One can only assume that Roku’s top brass are not thrilled to see what they have described as an “out-of-control monopolist” come to terms with the world’s largest retailer. However, if the growth of Android TV and Walmart’s Onn devices trigger a race to the bottom when it comes to prices, that could be good news for future consumers looking for great deals on streaming devices.

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