How to See the First Android App You Ever Installed

Android has been around since 2008. You might not have used it that long, but you’ve probably installed a decent number of apps in your time. Have you ever wondered who was the first? We’ll show you where to look.

All apps and games you have installed from the Play Store are linked to your Google account. Unless you manually remove it from your account, it will be there. This means that we can trace back to the first apps you installed.

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To get started, open the Play Store on your Android phone or tablet and tap your profile icon in the search bar.

Select “Manage apps and device” from the menu.


Switch to the “Manage” tab and select “Not Installed” from the left drop-down menu.

Go to the

Now select the sort button and choose “Recently Added”.

sort by

The list of apps will now be sorted chronologically from when they were installed. Scroll to the bottom of the list to see the first app you installed.

Scroll down.

That’s all we can say about it! This list may not be 100% accurate as it is only apps not installed on your device, but it will still give you a good overview of some of the first Android apps you installed . You will probably find many apps that no longer work on modern Android devices today.

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