How to Delete Learned Words From Your Google Android Keyboard

Google’s Android Keyboard was designed to constantly adapt to how you write and what you write. As a result, it constantly learns new words as you use them.

However, this also means that the algorithm is likely to learn words that you have misspelled or do not want to appear in your suggestions.

If you’ve found yourself getting misspelled words (looking at you “definitely”) and don’t want it to be a suggestion anymore, luckily you can do something about it.

How to Delete Learned Words From Your Google Android Keyboard

Before you begin, it’s important to realize that each Android device may vary a bit in these steps, but generally speaking the process should be similar, especially for the GBoard keyboard and Pixel phones.

  1. Open the Settings menu by clicking on the Gear icon in your app drawer or from the top of the screen

  2. Scroll until you see System and press it

  3. To select Languages ​​and input, then On screen keyboardhow to delete gboard suggestions

  4. Faucet On screen keyboardhow to delete gboard suggestions

  5. Press on gboard

  6. Go to dictionary, and open your personal dictionary

Once done, you will have the option to select the language for which you want to remove the terms. If you want to see all the terms in your personal dictionary, select All the languages. This will arrange all the terms in a list. To remove them, you must:

  1. Tap the word you want to delete
  2. Select the Trash can icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the screen

Disable suggestions for certain words

You can also prevent specific terms from appearing in your suggestions. To do this, use the keyboard as you normally would. When the word suggestion appears, long press it to open a context menu.

After that press the Delete Suggestion option. This will also prevent the keyboard from storing the term.

A little housekeeping goes a long way

Both of these ways will allow you to clean up your keyboard dictionary in just a few moments. However, keep in mind that it’s usually better to just delete suggestions when you first see them than to let the dictionary grow.

The Android keyboard’s autocorrect option can even use saved terms to “correct” your writing, causing a lot of frustration.

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