How to Delete Google Play Store Cache 2022 Tip

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Check How to Delete Google Play Store Cache

When data is cached, the data is stored in a device’s memory for further access. Data is stored at the top of a computer’s memory, just below the central processing unit (CPU). It is stored in multiple tiers, with the primary cache tier being built into a device’s microprocessor chip, followed by two other secondary tiers that feed the primary tier. This data is stored until its “time to live” (TTL), which indicates how long the content should be cached, expires, or the device’s disk cache is full.

Cached data typically includes media content such as images, files, and scripts that are automatically stored on a device when a user first opens an app or visits a website. In this way, information from the application or website is loaded quickly whenever the user opens or visits it later. Caching is a good solution to the von Neumann bottleneck, where people are looking for ways to provide faster access to memory. Since its launch in 2008, Google Play has been a popular marketplace for Android users to download a variety of apps, from games to TV shows to books.

With each of these downloads, some background information is created and stored in a hidden cache. Your Google Play cache can speed up interaction with the platform and reduce login times, as your account pairs quickly and can, for example, redownload an app you’ve deleted more quickly. However, as this invisible cache grows, it can slow down Google Play and sometimes even freeze your device and make it difficult to download new apps.

How to Clear Google Play Store Cache

  • Open the “Settings” menu of your Android device, then tap on “Applications”.
  • Find and tap the Google Play Store app.
  • Tap “Storage,” then tap “Clear cache.” You will also see an option to “Clear data”. It is recommended that you try both when troubleshooting your problem.
  • After clearing cache and data, restart Google Play.

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