Google’s ‘Switch to Android’ app helps iOS users do just that

Google finally countered Apple’s “Move to iOS” app by releasing “Switch to Android” for iOS on the App Store, confirming previous rumors. As the name suggests, it is designed to help iPhone and iPad users to import contacts, photos, calendars and videos to Android device. It also shows users how to disable iMessage in favor of Android messaging and transfer photos/videos by signing in to iCloud.

Google dropped the new app without much fanfare, because Tech Crunch Remarks. On its Switch to Android website, the app is still not mentioned and can only be found on the App Store with a direct link – search results still yield nothing.


The app is a big improvement over the current system, which requires you to back up photos, videos, calendar, and contacts using the Google Drive iOS app. He was first spotted last summer by 9to5Google in the code inserted into Google’s data transfer tool and seen in a newer version with the ability to import iCloud videos and photos into Google Photos.

Apple’s equivalent app arrived in September 2015, so Google certainly took its time in responding. “Move to iOS” works much the same way, helping users to import photos, videos, messages, contacts and more to iOS device. An Android device manufacturer, Samsung, has its own device migration app, also called Smart Switch, which helps you switch from an iPhone or other Android device to a Galaxy smartphone. However, it is only available on Google Play or its own Galaxy store and does not work on iOS.

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