Google’s Android statues disappeared from its campus – here’s why

Update: The statues are being repaired.

What do you want to know

  • Google’s Android statues have apparently disappeared from its Mountain View campus.
  • Some visitors who have been to the area have said they saw only a “patch of dirt”.
  • Google remains silent on the mysterious disappearance of its Android statues.

The park where Google’s Android sought to occupy is now apparently “just a pile of dirt”. A few people who visited Google’s Building 44 on its Mountain View campus claimed that the big figures had mysteriously disappeared.

According to Android Authority (opens in a new tab), Google may have moved the statues to an unknown location in recent weeks. The Building 44 area previously housed 18 statues dedicated to the operating system that powers top Android phones (opens in a new tab).

Prior to their disappearance, Google moved them to a park outside the visitor center. However, some Google Maps reviewers found that the statues were no longer in the area, only a few remained.

“All statues have been removed,” commented one reviewer (opens in a new tab) two weeks ago. “The park is just empty.”

Another reviewer who visited the park a month ago said the place “looks abandoned”.

“I expected a treat and was devastated and ruined,” the reviewer said. (opens in a new tab). “The whole area looks abandoned and the (closed) merchandise store looks from the outside like those post-apocalyptic stores you see in video games and movies.”

In the meantime, there are a few possibilities that could explain the disappearance of the statues. Google may be making repairs as many of these statues represent Android versions up to Android 10 (opens in a new tab) were already in poor condition.

In the worst-case scenario, the search giant could abandon any idea of ​​building statues for the park. It would be a shame if that were the case, as the place was once iconic.

Google remains silent on the incident. Android Central has contacted the company and we’ll update this post once we respond.

Update March 24, 2022 00:35

The disappearance of the Android Lawn Statues is apparently temporary, according to Android Authority. Citing an unnamed source, the outlet reports that the statues have been moved to another location as part of Google’s plan to redevelop the Landings site in Mountain View.

“The statues are being repaired and put into storage until they find a new home on our Mountain View campus,” the source said.

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