Google’s Android Jetpack Compose is now in beta

Today, Google announcement that its Jetpack Compose framework is now available in beta. Until now, developers could test it in alpha through the canary version of Android Studio.

Jetpack Compose is a new toolkit for building your user interface. In fact, there are already a lot of Documentation for that. This is something the developers have been testing for some time, so one of the main changes in the beta is that the APIs will not change between now and going into production. It will go into production later this year when Android 12 is released, so you can get started now.

Many new features have been added since the first alpha release, such as support for coroutines, accessibility support for Talkback, and a new Animations API. And on the Android Studio side, you will find new tools like Live Literals, Animation Preview, composition support in the Layout inspector, interactive preview, and deployment preview.

Google also said that Jetpack Compose already works with your existing app, so you can start playing with it as soon as you’re ready. To get started, you’ll need the latest Canary version of Android Studio Arctic Fox, which you can Download here.

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