Google’s Android gaming service for PC is now in beta

Google’s Android gaming service for PC has now entered its beta testing phase, which means the full release could be imminent.


google is preparing to launch its Android gaming platform on PC, with the service’s beta testing phase already well underway in some territories. The service – Google Play Games – is actually a port of Google’s dedicated game client on Android, with an extension to support a full game translation layer for Windows.

The limited beta of Google Play Games for PC is tested exclusively in Asian territories. Specifically, users from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea can request access, though it’s currently unknown if Google has an unlimited number of users in mind, or if the company is arranging how many people. can try Android Beta. PC game client.


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Google Play Games for PC is supposed to allow Windows PC users to seamlessly play native Android and Chrome OS games on Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems. In theory, this should ensure that users can switch between their Android and PC devices on the fly when it comes to games, with progression and purchases being unified across all platforms.

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While anyone can “express interest” in betaing the app at this point, it’s unclear if and when Google might consider expanding the beta testing phase to other territories. There is valuable official information from Google on exactly how the service will work. Now that some users finally have access to it, first impressions should arrive.

It is important to mention that the PC version of Google Play Games will not be a streaming application. Instead, it will be a native translation layer for Android games to run on Windows PCs, and it’s supposed to be part of Google’s response to Microsoft offering its own Windows 11 Android app store. native. Neither service is currently operational, so it’s hard to say which might win out.

While the promise of Android gaming availability on PC sounds great on paper, it’s unclear how native Android titles will compete with full-fledged desktop gaming experiences. The interaction of the PC and Android ecosystems should certainly prove interesting in 2022 at the very least. In a way, Google’s Stadia gaming service is already tackling AAA titles, and it could eventually combine with Play Games to provide a competitive gaming service on PC and Android.

Google Play Games for PC is now in its beta testing period, with the service potentially releasing in 2022.

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Source: Google Android Developers website

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