Google’s Android app returns empty search results thanks to bug


In the last few weeks, a bug has affected the Google app on Android. During a search, the user gets an empty answer. AndroidPolice says he’s seen the bug work its magic on multiple devices, including handsets made by Samsung, Google and OnePlus.

If this happens to you, you might get upset, jump up and down on your phone and start cursing the Google app. Or, you can handle it like the calm, cool, and serene person that you are and ask for the research a second time. You can also consider forcing the Google app to close, as that seems to fix the problem, at least temporarily.

Also, it looks like using Chrome’s URL bar to run a search doesn’t result in a blank response, so you can use the search feature on Chrome if getting a blank response doesn’t. is not what you are looking for in your search. request. We have to point out that receiving empty search results has nothing to do with the strength of your network or Wi-Fi connection.

Dare we assume that Google is aware of this bug and hopefully is working on an update to exterminate this rather strange problem? Yes, because search is Google’s largest business unit and generated $ 104 billion in revenue for the company last year. This represented 71% of Google’s gross ad revenue and 57% of parent company Alphabet’s total revenue in 2020.


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