Google’s Android Ad Tracking Privacy Changes Are Coming! Will this increase Facebook’s revenue loss?

Google’s major ad tracking privacy changes could be another issue for Facebook as the search engine giant plans to copy Apple’s decision into its iOS.

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The giant iPhone maker announced in April 2021 that its consumers could choose whether apps they install on their smartphones can track their online activities.

After Apple released iOS 14.5 in late April 2021, app developers had to ask consumers for permission before they could track ads.

As expected, the majority of iPhone users have decided to prevent the apps they install from tracking their activities.

Major Google Ads Tracking Privacy Changes

According to Business Insider’s latest report, the key ad tracking privacy changes that Google will be implementing are quite similar to those made by Apple.

Google's Android Ad Tracking Privacy Changes Are Coming!  Will this increase Facebook's revenue loss?

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“Today we are announcing a multi-year initiative…with the goal of introducing new, more private advertising solutions,” said Anthony Chavez, the current vice president of Android product management.

Recently, Meta said it could lose $10 billion before the end of 2022. Chief Financial Officer David Wehner said the app restriction implemented on iOS devices is solely to blame.

At this time, Meta has yet to confirm whether changes to Google’s ad tracking privacy may further increase the expected revenue loss.

But, since Facebook relies on ads to make money, chances are Google’s ad tracking changes will affect it.

User data limit and other details

The Verge reported that Android devices currently have the so-called Advertising ID (a unique identifier). Developers use it to create targeted in-app ads.

However, once the ad tracking privacy changes are implemented by Google, the advertising identifier will be removed from the smartphone system.

This means that the sharing of user data will be limited, preventing third parties from using consumers’ personal data to generate advertisements.

Other than that, if developers want their apps to continue working on Android, they should do so without using cross-app identifiers, especially the advertising identifier.

Separately, an emergency Google Chrome update was recently released due to a new zero-day flaw. Meanwhile, the new Google Chrome OS Flex has arrived on Mac PCs and laptops.

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