Google’s Android 13 will test native “out-of-the-box” support for braille displays

In order to make it more convenient for braille readers to use the platform, tech giant Google announced that android 13 Beta will have native support for braille displays.

The company said it makes it easier to use Android for braille readers.

“Available in our upcoming Android 13 beta in a few weeks, we’re starting to build out-of-the-box support for braille displays in To respondour Android screen reader,” the company said in a blog post.

“An updatable braille display is an electromechanical device that creates braille patterns by lifting rounded pins through holes in a flat surface. Braille-savvy computer users use the braille display to read braille dots representing text by touch. text,” he added.

Along with the screen, users can also input Braille. These devices help deafblind people to access mobile phones and blind people to use their phones silently.

Google mentioned that previously users connected their Android devices to braille displays using the BrailleBack app, which required a separate download from the play storeor used a virtual keyboard in Talkback instead of a physical device.

With this new update, no additional downloads are required to use most braille displays.

Users can use braille displays to access many of the same features available with Talkback. For example, they can use the display buttons to navigate their screen and then perform activities such as writing an email, making a phone call, sending a text message, or reading a book.

There are also new shortcuts that make it easier to use braille displays with Talkback.

Users can join the Android beta program to try Talkback 13 in the next beta.


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