Google’s Android 13 will bring HDR video, Bluetooth LE audio and more

Google has released the third Android 13 beta for Pixel devices. The stable version is expected to be released later this year alongside the Pixel 7.

Google released the third Android 13 beta for its Pixel devices, putting the OS at the early stage of platform stability. Google released the first developer preview of Android 13 in February, followed by developer preview 2 in March. This was followed by the first public beta in April and the second public beta at the Google I/O developer conference last month. The final beta is expected to launch in July before the stable version rolls out alongside the launch of the Pixel 7 in August.

Until Android 9, Google named each version of Android after desserts and sweets. It started with Android 1.5 Cupcake and continued through Android 9 Pie. In between, the company has also partnered with FMCG companies to come up with names like Android KitKat and Android Oreo. However, that all changed with Android 10, when the company decided to remove the fun naming convention to clear up confusion in non-English speaking countries where people often didn’t know what those names meant or even how to pronounce them correctly.


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With the third beta version of Android 13, the operating system has reached the first stage of the platform stability milestone, which means that the operating system APIs and app-related behaviors have been finalized. . This means that developers can now deploy compatibility updates without worrying about changes that might break compatibility with the final release. In fact, Google recommends developers update their apps now to target the latest API. Android 13 beta 3 also includes new features for large-screen devices, such as tablets. This includes a new taskbar, multi-window mode, and new optimizations to improve the experience of apps that aren’t yet optimized for the widescreen experience.

New features in Android 13

Android 13 rendering

Android 13 will largely be an iterative upgrade over its predecessor, but it will still bring exciting new features, including a more intuitive QR code scanner, a Google search bar in the app drawer, and controls smart home solutions. It will also implement system-level verification to prevent downloaded apps from abusing accessibility APIs to run malware on compromised devices. New privacy features include a private photo picker and more granular notifications and media permissions. Some of the other new features include HDR video, new Material You theme options, additional clock style on lock screen, redesigned “Now Playing” widget in notification area, native support for Bluetooth LE audio, per-app language settings, secondary profiles for NFC settings, and more.

Those with a recent Google Pixel device can download and install the latest version through the Android Beta program, but note that beta and preview versions usually come with a host of bugs as well as other performance and functionality issues. stability that could hamper productivity. Therefore, users are advised not to install these builds on their daily drivers and only use redundant devices to try out these builds. In both cases, users trying to install the Android 13 beta should back up their device first as insurance against possible problems.

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