Google’s Android 13 Profile Switch: Switch users to smartphone via lock screen soon [RUMORS]

Google will bring a PC-like profile switcher to Android 13, with a rumor that now focuses on its switching profiles on the smartphone lock screen. The leaks talk about the functionality with Google’s offers, bringing the new operating system launching this 2022 with the possibility of modifying the parameters according to its user.

Android 13 Google Profile Switch: Lock screen feature coming in next release

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Android 13 will bring a key protection profile switcher allowing users to use the device with multiple users on a single smartphone. The functionality strongly resembles that of a PC that can switch user profiles in the blink of an eye.

XDA Developers have shared a report that Android 13 will bring profile switching for people’s enjoyment, with a lock screen feature that will allow people to switch users there. Profile switching for the lock screen is a better known feature found on computers and laptops that will allow owners to switch the shared device to present certain features and preferences.

This means that Android will have different presets inside it, and it represents something like the “Second Space” of devices like Xiaomi.

In addition to this, Esper for Android development platform said that the key protection profile switcher is coming to Android 13 version soon.

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Android 13 2022: PC-like features are coming to the device

The profile switcher is a massive leap to integrate PC functions into the smartphone, and it will bring a lot of programming and change to its offerings. Additionally, PCs already struggle to switch between profiles, especially when the process and storage are exhausted, which would be fine for smartphones.

Android 13: what will happen?

Google brought Android to a massive new platform: its seamless connection to Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system. Several applications and the link between the two technologies open the world to immense possibilities of making different functionalities available on mobile and PC platforms for global users.

Android 13 is coming in 2022, and while Google has yet to release a public beta, the current version it has available for select developers and users gives a preview of what’s inside. Several Android 13 leaks have surfaced in the past, talking about “Android Tiramisu”, which will bring the latest features to the devices.

However, the above leak is a different version of Android compared to Google, and it will involve PC features on the handheld. The goal of the smartphone is to have a handheld, which Google is going to make available to people right now, including the ability to switch profiles on the lock screen, like what computers offer.

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