Google’s Android 12L feature brings benefits to Surface Duo 2 and other foldables


Google’s Android 12 receives a major new feature update that brings many changes to the current generation mobile operating system. In fact, this is such a significant upgrade that it bears its own name… Android 12L. Leading the changes are new enhancements that will make Android 12L perform better on Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 smartphone.

In fact, the whole point of Android 12L seems to be in making improvements for foldable phone compatibility. While the Surface Dou 2 isn’t a true foldable phone, it will benefit from these changes alongside devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 3.

Perhaps the best of the new abilities is a taskbar refresh. Google says it’s no easier to launch apps on dual-screen or foldable-screen devices. By using gestures, switching apps is more efficient, while split screen mode is accessible by drag and drop.


Full changelog for Android 12L

  • “We also focused on simplifying key interactions on larger screens. For example, the lock screen pattern and PIN commands on tablets are now displayed on the side of the screen for easier access, and users can simply tap the other side of the screen to bring the spindle / pattern controls to this side.
  • For foldables, we’ve optimized the home screen grid and polished the fold-to-unfold transition, so users seamlessly transition from a single exterior screen to the larger unfolded screen, enhancing continuity. while preserving their choices.
  • On large screens, the notification shadow takes advantage of the space by showing quick settings and notifications in a new two-column layout. The lock screen also uses a larger two-column layout to highlight notifications and the clock, and system apps like settings are also optimized.
  • 12L adds a new taskbar that makes it easier to launch and switch apps on the fly. Gestures make using the taskbar even faster, with drag and drop to enter split screen mode and swipe up to get home. In gesture navigation, a quick switching gesture allows users to browse recent apps. Users can show or hide the taskbar at any time with a long press.

  • Running apps in split screen mode is a popular way to multitask, and in 12L we’ve made split screen easier than ever to discover and use. Users can now drag and drop their favorite apps onto the split screen directly from the taskbar, or they can also use a new ‘Split’ action in the overview to start split screen mode. a simple touch. “

Google says the drop in Android 12L functionality will come in early 2022.

Surface Duo 2

Microsoft’s Surface Duo 2 will benefit from the Android 12L version, but it might be too little too late.

At the time of the announcements, we took a deep dive into the Surface Duo 2 and how, on paper, it’s a significant improvement on the first model. It’s worth checking out this device breakdown to see how Microsoft has improved performance, design, usability, and the camera.

However, since then I’ve got my hands on the Surface Duo 2 and unfortunately it has many of the same issues as the first model. Microsoft has made improvements and the Duo 2 is still amazing to watch and an engineering triumph. It also still has a lousy camera, software bugs, and just isn’t very usable as a smartphone.

Of course, I’m not alone in this assessment and the smartphone reviews mostly agree. What this means for the future of Surface Duo remains to be seen. Will Microsoft continue to use resources on a device that is not selling well and is experiencing muted reception. It remains to be seen, but we may be on the verge of removing Microsoft from the smartphone market again.

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