Google’s Android 12 has a dessert codename ‘Snow Cone’

It looks like Google is bringing back the tradition of giving dessert names to its Android operating system. Google Vice President of Engineering for Android Dave Burke announcement on Twitter that Android 12 has a dessert codename. It’s called “Snow Cone”.

Google ditched the dessert naming scheme after the launch of Android 10 because it wanted to make Android version names simpler and more intuitive for the global community. At that time, the company said it would continue to provide codenames for its Android versions, however; these will remain limited to the internal team.

Since then, all versions of Android have been referred to in numerical order. Now that the company has officially revealed the codename for the latest operating system, this makes Android 12 the first in the past two years to be given a dessert name after Android Pie.

Android Central reported that Snow Cone’s title first leaked in February, but it hadn’t received enough attention as Google abandoned the idea of ​​giving dessert names to its latest versions of Android.

Google has released the stable version of Android 12 on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and brands like Oppo, OnePlus and Realme have already confirmed the release of their custom skins which will be based on the new version of Android. Google has confirmed that it will roll out the stable version of Android 12 for Pixels “in the coming weeks.”

The Android 12 operating system brings a number of improvements as well as features. These include dynamic themes, updated widgets, and improved privacy settings. It features the new Material You design language and a dynamic theme. Android 12 also adds a new privacy dashboard, where users can see exactly what settings an app is accessing and how often, whether it’s location or camera.

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