Google’s Android 12 beta is its most popular beta ever

Google has long offered annual beta versions of newer versions of Android, but interest in the software has not waned. Instead, downloads become more and more popular with each new release.

Android 12 beta has been installed more than any other

Android Engineering VP Dave Burke revealed in a recent Tweeter (Going through Android Authority) that Google is recent The Android 12 beta is by far the most downloaded and installed Android beta. Android 12 beta is available for download and installation on a wide range of devices, including Google phones Pixels, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Asus, TCL, Realme, ZTE, Sharp and Tecno.

Google’s Android 12 update includes tons of visual and functional upgrades. Perhaps most important is the new Material You design language, which includes native theme support and plenty of other customization options.

Privacy and security improvements are also part of the Android 12 version, including an iOS-like indicator in the corner of the screen that informs users when the camera and microphone are in use.

Access to location has also been redesigned for applications. Users have the option of giving apps access to their exact location or precise location. This is in addition to the choice of not allowing access, allowing location access once, or allowing location access only when the app is open.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a major Android update without the usual performance improvements. Android 12 doesn’t disappoint, with nice reductions in the CPU time needed for basic system services.

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