Google’s Android 12 Beta 2 satisfaction survey is now available

Android 12 Beta 2 rolled out this week with a ton of changes, and Google is now asking users to take part in a feedback survey.

Like last month’s form, the Beta 2 survey begins by asking users to rate their satisfaction with Android 12’s notification and quick settings and volume panel. The latter has been slimmed down, while the former now adapts to your desktop background, among other layout changes. You also have the option to leave other written comments here.

You are then prompted to “rate your satisfaction with each of the following experiences”: stability, performance, battery, camera, Bluetooth, call quality, messaging, Wi-Fi connectivity, data connectivity, and app experience. This should be crucial given the small bugs in Beta 2 and the drop in overall stability.

Google wants to know if you would recommend Android 12 Beta 2 to others in its “current state”. It then asks what your “primary domain” is and if you would report the issue, as well as if it would get you out of the Android Beta program.

Depending on your main problem area, there is a “Deep Dive” section that comes with it. For example, you can specify whether your stability issues involve application crashes, application not responding (ANR) errors, operating system crashes, or reboots.

Stability issues arise when you experience a crash or when your device reboots or reboots on its own. When applications are unresponsive, it is also known as Application Not Responding (ANR) error.

Others include:

  • Operating system performance issues are related to responsiveness and lag. You may notice stuttering, blocking of scrolling, or media glitches (e.g. YouTube playback). These problems are usually described as “My phone is slow” or “Screen freezes scrolling”.
  • Camera issues are related to taking, editing and sharing photos and videos. Camera latency is best described as slowness when starting, capturing, or shooting. Camera issues related to a first-party (1P) app (Google product, i.e. Photos, Hangouts, Duo) or a third-party (3P) app (non-Google app, i.e. Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook) can be reported here.

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