Google’s 12GB Android Edition Brings Major Improvements Over Its Predecessor

The new version of the Android 12 GB Edition operating system will debut on entry-level smartphones in 2022, and with several improvements.

the Android 12 GB Edition is now official after being recently announced by Google. In general, Android Go is a stripped down version of the standard Android operating system that works on multiple smartphones and tablets. It is specially developed for smartphones that come with entry-level hardware which otherwise might not be powerful enough to run standard Android at peak performance. As a result, Android Go comes with less demanding versions of Google’s apps including Gboard, Google Chrome, Google Play Store, Assistant, and more.

The first version of Android Go launched in 2017 and was already aimed at entry-level smartphones. However, the first real phone running Android Go didn’t arrive until 2018. Since then, Google has continued to release updated versions of the operating system. This included the release of the Android 12GB edition following the general release of Android 12 in October.


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As part of the Android 12 GB edition announcement, Google has confirmed that more than 200 million people are actively using a device running on the modified operating system. Google describes Android 12 GB Edition as a “faster, smarter and more privacy-friendly experienceAs you might expect, Android 12 GB Edition will debut on entry-level smartphones in 2022. Along with a better user interface, Android 12 GB Edition will come with several improvements over the previous version. These improvements include faster loading time for apps, improved privacy monitoring tools, easy device sharing controls, and more. It also appears that the interface design took inspiration from Google’s Material You, which launched with Android 12.

New features are coming to entry-level smartphones

Unused 12 GB Android Apps

Many improvements and new features to Android 12 Go Edition are already present in the general update of Android 12, with Google explaining that apps will launch up to 30% faster than the previous version. In addition, the animations displayed when loading an application will also be smoother. Google created a SplashScreen API specifically to help developers deliver a smoother launch experience with their own apps. Since entry-level smartphones have limited resources, Android 12 GB Edition was designed to save smartphone battery and memory by putting unused apps to sleep. The app’s hibernation feature will be particularly useful for smartphones with lower battery and storage capacities.

Besides the performance-related updates, Android 12 Go Edition will also offer several utility updates. For example, the recent apps interface now offers the option to translate on-screen content into a familiar language or to listen using Google Assistant. Platform users will also be able to share apps with nearby devices using Google Play and Nearby Share. The Alphabet-owned company says it should help share apps without having to worry about the sharing process impacting data charges. Other features of smartphones with Android 12 GB Edition include the ability to switch between user profiles more quickly and easily, including a guest profile, and the ability to recover anything that has been deleted from the app. Files Go for thirty days. The latter is intended to help users free up space by deleting files without having to worry about deleting the bad ones.

Finally, the Android 12GB edition also brings Google’s privacy dashboard to entry-level devices. Previously, the Privacy Dashboard was mostly only available on Google’s flagship Pixel smartphones, which were also the first to receive the Android 12 update. The built-in privacy monitoring app allows users to track installed apps. and their activities, including when using the camera, microphone, or accessing a device’s location. Overall, the Android 12 GB Edition should translate into a seamless user experience on entry-level smartphones and benefit from performance and privacy upgrades.

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