Google will make Android Studio useful for OEM and ROM developers

Google is launching a project that would elevate Android Studio from app development to a full suite for Android OS development by OEMs and ROM developers.

To build an Android app today, Android Studio is anything but essential as it offers access to the Android SDK itself, emulators of different versions and form factors, tools to optimize your app’s performance, and of course everything you need to write Java and/or Kotlin code.

However, the Android operating system itself is a much more complicated mix of code and projects than simple applications built with Java. There’s code for hardware access and for basic Android functionality, and there’s even the Linux kernel underlying it all. Many of these components are written in C++ and Rust, languages ​​in which Android Studio does not necessarily excel, in addition to the usual Java and Kotlin.

In one new job offer shared by Roman GuyDirector of Engineering for the Android Toolkit team, we learn that Google wants all of the many projects involved in Android OS development to be easily accomplished through Android Studio.

The development of the Android operating system covers a wide range of areas: from components similar to an Android application to the Android framework, from components that expose various hardware functionalities (camera, Bluetooth, audio/video) to the kernel. These components are written in a variety of languages: Kotlin, Java, C++ and Rust. With this new project, our goal is to extend Android Studio so that it can help in all of these areas.

This project, if successful, will make Android Studio more useful to anyone who wants to develop something based on Android – be it a phone, tablet, TV or something else – or modify the Android version of an existing device. by creating a new ROM. That said, given the amount of code involved in a typical version of the Android operating system, it should be interesting to see how Google intends to make Android Studio work smoothly, both for the few developers out there. ‘OS and ROMs and for all those who just want to make an Android Application.

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