Google Wallpapers reaches 500 million downloads on the Play Store


Phone personalization is one of the main reasons we all love Android, and one of the most popular ways to change the vibe of your device is to use a neat wallpaper. People love to tweak their phone setup because Google Wallpapers has now racked up 500 million downloads on the Play Store.

Finding a good wallpaper for your smartphone is not too difficult as there are many apps and services that offer personalized designs to adorn your screen. Google Wallpapers has become a must download for many themes, thanks to regular updates and a multitude of high quality images and designs that it is no surprise that it has now hit the 500 mark. million downloads.

Released in 2016, it’s probably more surprising that it took the Google Wallpapers app so long to reach the download figure (via Android Police). As for the personalization apps on Android, it’s clean and simple. It’s a polite way of saying “simple,” but the wallpaper selection is anything but. It combines abstract images, landscapes, and macro photography with Google Maps satellite shots, and it can even refresh, download, and set a new wallpaper on your phone every 24 hours if you want.

 Google Wallpapers reaches 500 million downloads on the Play Store

Google wallpapers come preinstalled on Pixel devices, but with such a low volume of Made by Google phones in the wild, the 500 million download figure isn’t just limited to this small selection of smartphones. Some selections are limited to Pixel devices, but the “basic” options give you a wide range of quality customization options.

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